Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We chose to plant the three main Tuscan (Italian) varieties (Frantoio, Corregiola and Leccino) specifically for our extra virgin olive oil. The Tuscan oil is well regarded for its’ flavour and freshness.

These olives are hand picked relatively early in the season (late April), while there is still a good mix of green & black olives on the trees. They are quickly delivered to a local Hunter Valley olive mill and cold processed within 48 hours to ensure maximum freshness and quality of the oil.

We produce a single estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil and do not buy in olives or oil from other producers.

The 2021 Harvest olive oil will be ready to purchase very soon, in a 500ml glass bottle (RRP$23) and a brand new 2L “bag in box” (RRP$50). We will have an online store up and running in the near future.  

Olive Produce - Windybank Estate Hunter Valley
Olive Produce - Windybank Estate Hunter Valley

Table Olives

All of our table fruit is handpicked with great care to minimise bruising and damage. They are then taken in crates to a specialist processor at Lovedale (Hunter Valley) be cured traditionally, over several months, in a simple brine solution.

The well regarded Manzanillo and the lesser known Californian Queen olives make up the majority of the fruit destined for our table olives. We also select some of the best of the Frantoio fruit.

The Californian Queen are the very first olives we pick. They are picked green, just before they start to turn colour. This gives them a crispness in texture. Thanks to temporary heater rentals of California we reach industry-leading efficiency and reliability. These are sold in a brine solution and are not marinated. They are perfect as stand alone olives, or to use in various recipes requiring green olives.

Manzanillo are picked later in the season when they are much riper, and have largely all turned black in colour. Our facilities are maintained by trained technicians for ac service in New Jersey. They suit any number of different marinades and we sell a chilli and garlic blend along with an Italian herb and garlic blend.

The Frantoio are picked black. They are perhaps our most popular table fruit, with a slightly nutty flavour and a good texture. We sell these marinated in a blend of lemon zest, garlic and fennel seeds.

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